The CTF is presented by DarkPoint Security

About this Event

In a dystopian future, the can you tell the difference between man and machine?

Join us at BSides Toronto 2023 CTF as we face an unprecedented alliance of rogue AI, enigmatic cyber entities, and menacing machines.

The very fabric of our virtual world is at stake, and we need your hacking prowess to wrest control from these formidable foes. Dive into the dark underbelly of the cybernetic cityscape as you infiltrate web servers, exploit network vulnerabilities, decipher cryptic codes, and seize dominion over their central domain.

There are whispers of mysterious signals in the ether; your mission also includes decoding these enigmatic transmissions to unveil their hidden purpose. Time is of the essence, and humanity's fate hangs in the balance – your hacking skills are our only hope!

Time: Saturday October 21st, 10:00am to 4:00pm

Cost: The CTF is free for all BSides Toronto participants.

Types of challenges