Go and ATT&CK - Intro to Go Programming

About this Event

Are you interested in the Go programming language? Have you seen the Gopher everywhere, and are wondering why the language is gaining so much popularity?

Come and join us in this 3-hour-long introductory workshop that covers the fundamentals of programming in Go, including:

The Trainers

Haydn Johnson lives locally in Toronto and contributes to the community via blogging and talks. Haydn has over 8 years of information security experience and is currently the Principal Cyber Security Analyst within the Security Operations team at Ruby Life LTD, currently building out the Cloud Security Program. @haydnjohnson was born and raised in Australia.

Tyler Fisher is a software developer turned security analyst working at Great-West Life on the red team, and vulnerability management team of the organization's global security team. He's passionately working to make security-related data more accessible to teams of all sizes, and contributes to a variety of open source projects in his spare time.


1/2 day of training, 3-4 hours.

The virtual doors will open Saturday at 8:30am for anyone that needs any last minute help with the installation or configuration. The training will start at 9:00 am and go until 12:00 pm. There may be some opportunity to hang after, or you can go enjoy the rest of the conference.

Links and training information will be emailed to all training participants before Saturday.


Know some basic programming concepts:

Basic computer use:

A Basic understanding of web requests:

A tool to edit your code. Any text editor you have will work fine. Most text editors have good support for Go. The most popular are VSCode (free), GoLand (paid), and Vim (free).

A command terminal. Go works well using any terminal on Linux and Mac, and on PowerShell or cmd in Windows.

Students will be supplied with a pre-built Virtualbox Virtual Machine with Linux installed. This will have VScode as the code editor with Go installed. It will be available for download and setup prior to the course commencing.