Ahmed Imran

A Seneca College student who attended&led C3X 2018 Genesis semeca blue team and won. As well as volunteer as the photographer for C3X 2019 Red Forest.

Anton Ovrutsky

Senior Security Specialist @ Equitable Life Insurance, Previous BSides Toronto speaker, C3X volunteer, OSCP, OSCE, CISSP, CCSP certificate holder.

Anuj Mistry

Anuj is a senior security consultant at CGI Inc performing offensive security assessments for various clients. He has 16+ years of experience with a variety of positions held at Rogers, McAfee, IBM and Avaya. When he is away from his laptop, he is either spending time with his family or playing a bamboo flute.

Brandon Mesquita

With a background in micro-controllers and reverse engineering embedded devices, Brandon has been knee-deep in the sandbox with Cisco ThreatGrid since 2013. As a part of the Research and Efficacy Team, his day-to-day involves ensuring malware is able to do as much as it can within the ThreatGrid environment while monitoring and cataloging each action.

Christine McGarry

Christine McGarry is a former software tester who transferred 5 years experience in digital forensics to the world of cyber security. Christine earned a diploma from Conestoga College where she studied IT and an Honours BA from the University of Guelph. She is currently working at Arctic Wolf Networks in an internal technical support role where she assists both the software development and security services teams. She specializes in tools the Arctic Wolf Security Engineers use to deliver the AWN CyberSOC service.

David Schwartzberg

David Schwartzberg, CISSP, GMOB, is a Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco Security. Utilizing his six years accounting experience and combined 24 years InfoTech and InfoSec experience, he speaks regularly with technology executives and professionals to help protect their corporate secrets and stay compliant. In his “spare time” he co-founded Hak4Kidz, www.hak4kidz.com, and has blogged for Dark Reading, Naked Security and Barracuda Labs. David has spoken at conferences including: Black Hat Arsenal, BSides, RSA, ISC(2) Congress, Offensive Summit, DerbyCON, GrrCON, OWASP AppSec, THOTCON, and Wall of Sheep Village, among others. If you want to learn more about David and what he has to say social media is your friend Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidschwartzberg and Twitter @DSchwartzberg

Don Mallory, Bronwyn Mallory

Don Mallory has over 25 years of experience in enterprise IT, primarily in critical infrastructure, specializing in operations, data storage, disaster recovery and security for critical infrastructure. Professionally, Don is a Senior Security Analyst in the healthcare sector. He is also involved in various volunteer activities including C3X as a builder and mentor, co-organizer of Hak4Kidz Toronto and the Latow Photographer's Guild at the Art Gallery of Burlington, where he teaches traditional wet darkroom photography.

Bronwyn Mallory has over 15 years of experience with parents, teachers, siblings and peers. She is passionate about privacy, security, and dance. Bronwyn has performed artistically at the Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton Place and Dusk Dances, and war-walks her neighbourhood when not advising peers about their risky practices online.

Harish Ramadoss, Bhadresh Patel

Bhadreshkumar Patel is a Reverse Engineer by nature and Security Specialist/Pentester by profession with 10 years of experience in the offensive and defensive side of security. Likes to code, break stuff, play with controllers. Got lucky in finding zero-days in Facebook, NGFW, wireless routers, HMS etc. He has previously presented at Blackhat, Defcon and HITB Dubai.

Harish Ramadoss has been mostly involved in offensive security space focusing on application & infrastructure security, social engineering, and red team engagements. Led large scale penetration testing engagements for various clients across Finance, Government and Defense. He has previously presented at Blackhat, Defcon and has also spoken at local security chapters.

J Wolfgang Goerlich

J. Wolfgang Goerlich is an Advisory CISO for Duo Security. He has led IT and IT security in the healthcare and financial services verticals, and advisory and assessment practices in several cyber security consulting firms.

Jamie Baxter

Jamie Baxter, M. Eng., OSCP, OSCE, GPEN, CISSP is the Principal Consultant & Founder of SRNSEC Inc. Jamie is an independent security consultant specializing in security assessments, ranging from web, mobile, cloud and infrastructure penetration tests to red teaming exercises. Prior to independent consulting, Jamie was the Director of Cyber Security Assessments at RBC, a Senior Penetration Tester for the Department of National Defense, and a developer for over 10 years. When not on an engagement, he can be found competing in and building CTFs.

Jason Murray

I've been at this security game for 20 years. I'm a maker though, not a breaker. I view security through the lens of how to improve things so they function better; whether that is your network architecture, your web application, your security education plan or your security governance. I point out problems, but come with solutions.

Kristina Balaam

Kristina is a Security Intelligence Engineer at Lookout where she reverse engineers mobile malware. Prior to Lookout, she worked as a Mobile Application Security Engineer at Shopify, securing the company's Android applications. Kristina graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from McGill University in 2012 and is currently pursuing a MSc. in Information Security Engineering from the SANS Institute of Technology. She blogs about computer security on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube under the handle @chmodxx.

Lee Kagan

Lee Kagan is a Sr. principal offensive RnD specialist at Symantec, the co-founder of RedBlack Security in Toronto and co-creator of the Canadian Collegiate Cyber Exercise (C3X). Lee has been professionally active since 2010 and focuses on advanced Windows attack and defence, command and control infrastructure design and adversary systems in general.

Sam Jadali

Sam Jadali is the Founder of Host Duplex and Security With Sam. He has spent the last 20 years in the hosting and security industry. His passion for security started in 2003 after his server was breached by a hacker who later helped patch his server. Sam's security research has been cited in The Washington Post, Ars Technica, PC Magazine, WIRED, and dozens of other media outlets. With his in-depth knowledge of security and compliance regulations, he continually educates his clients on how to be preemptive with security. You can always find Sam at the annual cybersecurity conferences in Las Vegas.

Yagneshwaran, Laura Harris

Yagneshwaran is an aspiring Security Researcher and a recent graduate of the Network and System Security Analysis program at George Brown College who has a profound interest in Threat Hunting and Malware Analysis. His dedication for cybersecurity grew after participating in various Capture the Flag events that happened across Toronto. His debugging skill helps him to reverse engineer the malware and analyze the code step by step.

Laura Harris is a Security Analyst at BMO and also a recent graduate of her Post-graduate Degree in Network and System Security. She has been in security for 3 years, taking on several different roles, some of which include Security consultant, Security Analyst, and pre-sales engineer. She currently has a keen interest in malware analysis and reverse engineering, but overall, she has a passion for analyzing.