Security Compass Day Two Training: Introduction to Red Teaming

About this Event

Security Compass will be running a one day training session on Sunday October 6th titled Introduction to Red Teaming

This one-day training session is designed as an introduction to Red Team practices. As a beginner level course this training is targeted for those without prior experience in Red Teaming who would like a to quickly get up to speed on the tools and techniques needed to perform a basic Red Team assessment. This course includes a guided hands-on portion, where students will be challenged to use the techniques discussed against a target environment. Areas covered during this training include:

  1. Red Team Frameworks and Methodologies
  2. Utilizing Threat Intelligence for Planning Red Team Assessments
  3. Red Team Planning and Preparation
  4. Reconnaissance Techniques
  5. The Basics of Exploits and Weaponization
  6. Payload Delivery Techniques
  7. Lateral Movement and Pivoting Techniques
  8. Actions-on Objective and Exfiltration Techniques


In order to take part in the hands-on exercises, students will be required to bring a laptop with either VirtualBox or VMware installed (at least 8GB RAM is recommended).

25 students maximum, those that arrive unprepared will be replaced.

You can find security compass on Twitter