Introducing the Pwntario Team and their Process Injection Bootcamp!

About this Event

Whether you’re trying to keep your shell alive or trying to catch and stop the shells, process injection is going to be something you will have to deal with. In this training, the instructors will take you through the very basic fundamentals of process injection and increase in complexity as the class moves forward.

The class covers a wide variety of topics, techniques and strategies in order to help attendees come in with possibly no experience in injection methods but leave feeling confident in their ability to work with these techniques once the class ends.

There’s a lot to cover in this category. Instructors will walk you through the very basics and fundamentals required to understand later concepts, loading DLLs from disk, operating in-memory, injecting into remote processes, many “branded” techniques e.g. PROPagate, wrestling with pesky defensive solutions like EDR and so much more.

All materials in this class are available for students to take with them. Slides, code, everything.

The Pwntario Team


2 days of training. 4 hours per day.

Day 1 Day 2


Target Audience

While this training is for everyone, it is at an intermediate level. Whether you are on defense or offense, process injection is something you will encounter over and over again. For offensive attendees, injection can be a make it or break it moment. Stop hoping $tool has you covered and learn the inner workings for yourself. For defensive attendees, injection is something that is often meant to be evasive and subversive. Blue team should also not hope $vendor has you covered and come discover each moving piece in the covered injection techniques throughout this training.