October 5, 2013


The BSides are coming to Toronto!

On October 5th join us for a day of security talks, conversations, pool, and other hijinks. We will be occupying the Monarch Tavern for a day of single track security talks. Our CFP is open until Sept 15th and we encourage you to participate.

While maintaining a low key environment, we will bring you high quality talks in a laid back atmosphere. A chill-out area with a live stream of the talks will also be available for those who want to socialize during the day.

Night time activities are still being arranged. More info to come!

Our registration is open now.


The CFP is now closed and all submitters have been contacted; thank you to everyone for their fantastic submissions to the CFP. We are excited to announce our speakers and schedule for BSidesTO 2013.


  • Boris Rudakov - Boris has more than 15 years of computer security experience (playing on both sides offence and defence), including pentesting, reversing, engineering, and administration. His main interest in security is about vivisecting stuff and finding its real purpose.
  • Chen (Kevin) Huajiang - A guy who loves to explore all kinds of Wireless and Embedded systems. Sometime he's a code monkey if needed.
  • 3rd Degree - 3rd Degree (obviously not his birth name) has over ten years of experience in information security. Currently, he works in the government and has worked as a consultant providing security assessments to financial and technology firms in North America. Since he likes hacking and is a blackbelt, you can assume (correctly) that his entire life is based around The Matrix.
  • Denis Coskun - When we get a bio from Denis we'll tell you all about it
  • Eric Evenchick - A freelance embedded systems developer, and nearly an electrical engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo. He's worked in the automotive sector on new vehicle power trains, including hydrogen vehicles and electric vehicles. Eric also write about people's awesome projects for Hackaday.com.
  • James Arlen - James (aka Myrcurial), is a security consultant at Leviathan Security Group, he also does: Think|Haus hackerspace, Securosis and Liquidmatrix Security Digest. He's got 19 years in infosec, loves blinky lights and long awkward hugs (this is what happens when you don't send us a bio).
  • Katie Kleemola - Katie is a Security Analyst at the Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto where she works on reverse engineering malware targeted at human rights organizations.
  • Kellman Meghu - Kellman is the head of security engineering (Canada and Central US) for a firewall company. We ripped this from another conference bio we found.
  • Lee Brotherston - Lee works as a day labourer in the financial industry salt mines. He is also British but you couldn't tell from the accent.
  • Leigh Honeywell - Leigh is a Security Program Manager in Trustworthy Computing at a little software company in Redmond. She co-founded HacklabTO in Toronto... we Binged her name (yeah, that's a thing now)
  • Mark Baseggio - Mark is a security consultant. That's what his LinkedIn profile says
  • Paul O'Grady - Paul is a principal consultant. We read that somewhere on the intenet
  • Rahul Kashyap - Rahul is Chief Security Architect of Bromium Inc. and heads Security Research at Bromium Labs.
  • Seth Hardy - Seth is an avid redditor and Objectivist. (no Seth, we're not publishing the other stuff you sent us)


10:05RATastrophe: Monitoring a Malware Menagerie - Katie Kleemola
10:35Hardware Gonewild - Mark Baseggio and Eric Evenchick
11:35Being More Smarter: Why Smartcards Can't Think For You - 3rd Degree
12:05Deniable Video - Denis Coskun
13:30Mistakes and Outright Lies (2013 Edition) - Kellman Meghu
14:00RF-Ninja-Hacking - Chen (Kevin) Huajiang
15:00Incident Response for Cheapskates - Lee Brotherston
15:30Anti-debugging tricks in Antivirus avoidance - Boris Rudakov
16:20Coffee Break
16:40Application Sandboxes: A pen-tester's perspective - Rahul Kashyap
17:40CTF'ing for Mortals - Leigh Honeywell
18:10Pwned by Default - Paul O'Grady
18:40The Message and The Messenger - James Arlen
19:20...Powerpoint Karaoke - Seth Hardy
02:00you don't have to go home but you can't stay here...



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October 5th, 2013


Monarch Tavern

12 Clinton St.

Toronto, Ontario